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School Bus

Bus drivers around the world wish that children would find more to do on their buses than yelling loudly across the aisles, taking jabs at each other, and taunting younger riders. Help your students make the most of their time on the school bus by staying active with other riders, or even by engaging in some solo activities.

If you have a student who is a loner, or at least does not have any close friends on the same bus, suggest that they spend some time reading over their homework for that night while on the bus. Some kids may not be able to read while in a vehicle, but the size of the bus and the slow speeds usually are conducive to reading. Encourage them to get a jump start on their homework by getting part of it done on the way home. Another great activityespecially for younger kidsis to pay a modified version f I Spy: Give them something particular to look for each day, like red items or things that start with the letter J, and have them write them down in a special notebook. You could even give them special prizes for finding a certain number of items.

For kids who enjoy being social, there are some activities that can be engaged in (quietly!) with other bus passengers. While older kids usually can find someone to talk with on the way home, some younger kids need some guidance to keep their voices down. One way to do this is to have them start a story line. This is a fun game where one person starts a story, and then the story gets passed on after a certain amount of time. Kids love this game, because they can make themselves the storys hero and really work their individual creative juices!

Above all, children need to understand that the bus driver needs them to remain quiet and seated while they are riding; so spend a few moments reiterating this to your children once in a while. You can also help encourage bus drivers by remembering them on special holidaysthey are usually quite surprised to receive a small token of appreciation for all that they do!

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