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Culinary Schools

If you have a passion for cooking and/or baking, you may have considered enrolling in one of several culinary schools located in your area. Knowing the types of courses and curriculums commonly offered in culinary schools, may help you decide if a program is the right fit for you and your interest in cooking.

Food Safety is a common class offered by almost all culinary schools. In this course you usually learn how to handle food safely as well as sanitary way of preparing and presenting food. Hospitality and Food Law classes help students understand legal requirements, liabilities and regulations of the food service industry. This helps to protect a business from lawsuits and legal difficulties. Classes in this area often teach about the legal rights and responsibilities of owners and operators. Instructors may also discuss labor law, employment law and sometimes real estate law.

Purchasing and Inventory classes teach future culinary activists Strategies for purchasing and inventory control. The class may help students understand labor, beverage and food costs, and revenue control. Some culinary schools have a curriculum which includes teaching about employee-performance standards, productivity and scheduling and even the use of computer programs in these areas.

Menu Design classes are found in almost all culinary schools. This type of course usually helps students learn about menu development, design, layout and pricing. Instructors may also teach students about nutritional qualities to consider as they select ingredients and develop recipes. Some culinary schools have students prepare sample menus and maintain them in their portfolio.

Communication courses are frequently taught in culinary schools to help students learn the importance of verbal and written communication within the culinary industry. Marketing classes help student grasp the reality of operating and working in the culinary field. This type of instruction teaches students ways to promote their business and skills to be come successful in the shortest amount of time possible.

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