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Home School Material

Youve decided to home school, and youve done the research and selected the right teaching method you feel fits your childs needs. What now? The teacher now must decide on what types of home school material to use, and does it teach anything useful?

What is home school material? It is the tools used to implement your lessons. What is good home school material? It is anything that gets the point across. The material used really depends on the type of curriculum youre using.

Literature-based teaching uses literature and books from all kinds of sources to teach a lesson on a topic. Literature can be anything from brochures and newsletters, to novels and comic strips. Such methods as the Charlotte Mason curriculum requires you to use material found outside in nature. The great outdoors is full of wonderful learning tools to teach a wide range of topics from environmental studies to animal biology. Other methods such as unschooling really require no material, except play. It is learning through play that is the philosophy behind this method, and the home teacher would need to create spaces for play and freedom, with lots of different toys for children to explore on their own.

The material used is also dependent on the financial situation of the home teacher. Home school material costs money, such as paper, craft supplies, possibly new furnishings, and some home teachers cant afford it. In this case, the unschooling philosophy may be the best course of action.

Whichever method a home teacher uses, the best learning tool that she can use is her love for her children, and passion for teaching. Passion and interest is contagious, and children sense it. It is the best home school material that exists.

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