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High School Wrestling

Wrestling is an ancient sport dating back to around 2300 BC. Pictures of wrestling matches appear on tombs of several Egyptian pharoses. Many of the techniques displayed in art from this time depict moves found in todays freestyle wrestling.

The ancient Greeks and Romans viewed wresting as a highly disciplined martial art. It was seen as being a skill to be used both in sport and in combat. During this time wrestling contests were held, with points being awarded for forcing an opponent to touch his back to the ground, move out of the arena or lay flat to the ground. References to wrestling can be found in many works of ancient Roman and Greek art and mythological stories.

The rise of Christianity did not diminish the sport of wrestling. In fact, several key biblical stories include references to wrestling matches. Perhaps the most common comes from the book of Genesis and tells the story of Jacobs wrestling match with an angel. After the match, Jacob went on to be a leader among his people.

In more modern times, wrestling saw a rise in popularity beginning in the 1800s. At that time health and athletic clubs were becoming popular in Europe. Wrestling was again seen as disciplined martial art and tournaments with large cash prizes emerged across Europe especially Britain.

The sport appealed to many because of its focus on individual skill, strength, and discipline. Because it did not involve much equipment, it had interest from people across all socio-economic levels. Wrestlings focus on individual talent helped foster its popularity in America.

Modern day high school wrestling began in the mid-late 1960s with the formation of the United States Wrestling Foundation. Todays high school wrestling programs, just like ancient competitions, help athletes develop agility, strength and discipline. High school wrestling teams are found across the United States and have a variety of participants.

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