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School Loans

The price tag for attending college is rising steeply, with some universities charging almost $40,000 per year, when all costs are included. Many families simply do not have the cash on hand to pay for their children to attend post secondary education, which is why they turn to student loans to alleviate some of the financial pressure. Both students and parents can obtain loans to pay for college; however, you should be very careful with how much you borrow.

There are some federal loan programs that are subsidized, which means that the interest is deferred until you complete your studies. If you can borrow using only subsidized loans, that is your best option, because you will end up saving quite a bit of money on accrued interest. Unsubsidized loans will end up costing you a bit more; however, the terms of the loans and the interest rates are usually much better than other types of loan programs, which still make them a wise investment.

When you are deciding how much money to borrow, be as frugal as possible. It is very tempting to use school loans as a way to have extra cash while you are in college, but resist doing this. While these loan programs are intended to pay for all of the costs associated with college, such as meals, room and board, books, and other such items, there are many ways for you to cut down on nonessentials and borrow less money. You can spend the first year or so at a local community college, which has a lower tuition; you can live at home, thereby saving money on room and board; and you can buy only used books. Most students can be creative while they are in school and discover several ways to cut down on their college costs, which means they will need fewer school loans. Once you fully understand how much school loans will eventually cost you, you may find ways to borrow far less.

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