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School Bully Prevention

School is intended to be a safe atmosphere, where students can come together and enjoy learning and interacting with each other. When children become the target of bullies, they begin to dread going to school, and may even look for excuses to avoid going altogether. Signs of bullying in the classroom may be obvious, or they may be more subtle (for instance, depression or a decrease in schoolwork quality). Thankfully, there are a few ways that teachers can help their students avoid the detrimental effects of bullying.

Encourage open communication with your students. If you have an open, honest relationship with your students, they may feel comfortable and safe coming to you with the news that they are the victim of bullying at school.

Encourage open communication with parents. Nothing helps parents feel more positive about their childrens overall educational experience than the knowledge that they have a good relationship with the adults who have responsibility for them while they are at school. Make sure that you know your students parents, your schools principals, and the counselors well so that you feel comfortable approaching them with any concerns you have. Know your students groups of friends. By knowing whom your students are spending time with, you will also notice if their group of friends suddenly changes.

A great way to get to know your children's friends is to be the hang out room. Make your classroom the place where the kids want to be, and spend a few minutes speaking with each of them. Promote self esteem. Children with a healthy self esteem are usually not the target of bullies, who usually lack self confidence, themselves.

Find ways to let your students demonstrate and grow their talents, and they will exude self confidence, which is always a positive attribute. Further, children with high self esteem are usually comfortable telling authorities that they notice bullying behavior, even if it is not targeted towards them.

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