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High School Cheerleading

Cheerleaders have an important role in high school sports. They are there to show team spirit and to encourage the team to do their best. High school cheerleaders also motivate the crowd and set the tone of each sporting event. High school cheerleaders do all this by being good athletes and demonstrating good sportsmanship.

Being a great high school cheerleader requires several things. Here are just a few for you to think about as you begin to lead your team to victory:

1.A sense of team spirit - Even when their team is losing, a cheerleader should keep up a positive attitude. High school cheerleaders are often in the spotlight. Their actions are watched closely by the crowd and players negative comments or gestures may be quickly picked up on by the crowd and used against the team.

2.Poise - Being in the spotlight means that a cheerleader should have poise. When a crowd is angry or negative a cheerleader should keep his/her poise and not feed into to taunts or jeers. High school cheerleaders must remember they are representing their team, school and community and act accordingly.

3.A strong voice Cheerleading requires a clear, strong voice. Practice making your voice stronger by using your diaphragm to project your voice. You can make your cheers clearer by, doing vocal exercises such as, saying the alphabet out loud at varying volumes to help your enunciation.

4.Physical preparation Make sure you practice your cheers while wearing comfortable, practical clothing. Overly baggy clothing presents a risk of tripping and too tight clothing may restrict your movements try to find a happy medium. Since high school cheerleading often involves jumping and running, be sure your have shoes which will cushion your feet and give you a good grip.

Remember, cheerleading is a very physical, as well as, emotional activity. Make sure to take care of your voice and body. You will be a more effective leader and motivator for your team and the crowd if they are able to see you as a healthy, mature supporter of your school and community.

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