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FAQs of the Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

These responses to Frequently Asked Questions point educators and others to Internet, ERIC, and traditional print resources dealing with specific topics of interest. FAQ's are very useful tools because they point users directly to sources of information; saving the user from conducting lengthy and time-consuming searches. This page is continually under construction with updates and new FAQs.


Educational & Professional Assessment | Intelligence and Learning Theory | Research Methodology | Other Resources

Educational Assessment

Test Preparation
Improving Students' Test Scores/Teaching to the Test

States' Assessment Programs
Report Cards in Elementary Secondary Education

Finding Information About Educational Tests and Psychological Measures
Scoring Rubrics - Definitions & Construction
Grading Students - Policies and Practices

International Comparative Education
Teacher Certification
Test Construction for Practitioners and Administrators
General Educational Development Tests (GED)

Intelligence and Learning Theory

Ability Grouping in Elementary Secondary Education
Grade Repetition / Social Promotion - What the Research Indicates
Cognitive Styles - Definitions & Educational Applications
Intelligence - Its Characteristics and Appropriate Assessment
Bilingual Special Education Assessment
Block Scheduling - Its Manifestations and Effectiveness
Critical Thinking - Definitions and Assessment
Homework - Policies, Practices, and Guides for Helping Parents, Teachers & Students
Study and Test-taking Skills

Research Methodology

Meta Analysis in Educational Research - An Overview
Meta-evaluation in Educational Program Evaluation
The Concept of Statistical Significance Testing
Survey Research in Education
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

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