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Meta-evaluation in Educational Program Evaluation

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Example queries:

As a school board member/principal, how can I ascertain the credibility of an external evaluation that was completed for our school?

Our school staff is planning a self evaluation of a program at our school. What guidelines should we follow in planning and conducting our self evaluation?

How can I approach a decision about whether or not a school's teacher evaluation policies and procedures do what they purport to do? How can we know that our teacher evaluation program is aligned to our goals for teachers' improvement?

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Meta-evaluation is "the evaluation of evaluations - indirectly, the evaluation of evaluators - and represents an ethical as well as a scientific obligation when the welfare of others is involved. It can and should be done in the first place by an evaluator on his or her own work; although the credibility of this is poor, the results are considerable gains in validity...[Because] the results of self-evaluation are notoriously unreliable, however, it is also desirable, wherever cost-justifiable, to use an independent evaluator for the meta-evaluation." (Scriven, 1991, p.228). [Ed. note: Michael Scriven first articulated the concept of meta-evaluation in 1969.)

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ERIC DIGESTS [Topical Overviews in Full-Text]

Some Evaluation Questions [1998] - by William Shadish


The Program Evaluation Standards: Summary of the Standards - [1994] - Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation

Personnel Evaluation Standards: Summary of the Standards [1988] - Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation

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Selected ERIC Documents Citations for Evaluating Teacher Evaluation Programs

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[N.B. In the above work, see entries for Meta-Evaluation, Key Evaluation
Checklist and GAO Checklist.] 
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American Educational Research Association Division H: School Evaluation & Program Development [AERA-H]
AERA is the premier professional organization for education-related scholarly inquiry; AERA H offers a newsletter and a discussion forum (listserv) for school program evaluation issues.

American Evaluation Association [AEA]
AEA is a professional association dedicated to all aspects of evaluation in a wide range of settings. Peruse the AEA Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) and the AEA Electronic Lists to select from a variety of pertinent support networks.

The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University
The Evaluation Center is a research and professional development center for evaluation in education and human services. The Evaluation Center offers such products and services as classic publications and serials for evaluation program models and processes, a Directory of Evaluators, and the Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation (CREATE).

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