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Report Cards in Elementary Secondary Education

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Our school is in the process of designing new report cards. Can ERIC provide us with examples of report cards?

Have surveys been conducted of parents' reactions to various methods of reporting student achievement?

Please describe narrative report cards.

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The coverage of this resource encompasses formats for report cards per se. The coverage of newer, alternative forms of documenting student achievement, such as portfolios in K-12 and recorded observations in early childhood education, occurs at an introductory level only. For in-depth coverage of portfolios and other systematic collections of students' work, documented observations, student-led conferences, etc., readers are advised to either search the ERIC database via the ERIC Search Wizard and/or to pose their queries to AskERIC, our project's online reference service that delivers tailored bibliographies via e-mail.

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Teacher Comments on Report Cards [1998] - Amy C.Brualdi
A Developmental Approach to Assessment of Young Children [1997] - Lilian G. Katz
Grading Students [1995] - Lawrence H. Cross

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York: Scholastic.

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Created: October 25, 1999
Last Revised: October 25, 1999

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