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Please read The Quality of Researchers' Searches of the ERIC Database. Education Policy Analysis Archives. We present effective strategies for searching the ERIC database, a brief summary of the literature on end-user searching, and empirical information on the quality of end-users searches at this web site.

For a good overview of ERIC see A Quick Tour of ERIC. You may also want to use this for workshops.

This search engine is a volunteer service of the staff at the Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. We do not receive funds for mounting the ERIC database. Most programming has been done at night and on weekends.

For additional information on such degrees like alternative medicine degrees, check the homepage of this website.

This page is for quick entry of search queries for the ERIC database mounted at Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. We encourage you to try the Search ERIC Wizard.

We use the Webscript search engine. You can use either sets (preferred) or boolean logic (or, and ) to construct your query. With sets, put parentheses around each set and commas between terms. Space is an implied AND. For example, ("self concept","self esteem") college will find references to ("self concept" OR "self esteem") AND college. Phrases must be in quotes or separated by hyphens. For best results, limit your phrases to two words. You can enter an author's last name. You can now also search by using the ERIC "ED" or "EJ" identifier.

The results are mapped by relevance and you can Query by Example (Push the Find Similar link to search and explore). updated quarterly

How to order documents

ERIC references with an ED number are from ERIC's Resources in Education database and are typically research papers and other monographs. Almost all of these documents are available on microfiche at the ERIC Resource Collections located in over 1000 academic libraries and centers worldwide. You can also order these documents from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

You can order "ED" documents -- as microfiche, print, fax, or electronic copy --either by phone (800 443-3742; 703 440-1400) or on line, through EDRS (http://edrs.com) or the Wizard (http://ericae.net/scripts/ewiz/). Fax order and other delivery service are available. Cost: $4.08 for 25 pages (Since Jan. 1, 1997).

"ED" documents are also available on microfiche from more than 1000 locations worldwide. To find the location nearest you, call ACCESS ERIC at 1-800-LET-ERIC, or look it up on line at http://ericae.net/derc.htm.

ERIC references to journal articles not in your local library can be ordered though interlibrary loan or perhaps CARL (http://www.carl.org/).

Comments? Please send your e-mail to feedback3@ericae.net.

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