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(All searches in this database yield abstracts in reverse chronological order)

Processing of an ERIC abstract typically takes six to nine month from the time we prepare an abstract to the final product appearing in Resources in Education or the Current Index to Journals in Education. To help you obtain the latest information on assessment and evaluation, we created this experimental database of our abstract drafts. We update this database every Thursday or Friday night. Since we usually  prepare abstracts within 2 or 3 weeks of receiving the paper or journal, this information is very current. (Of course, after AERA and other large conferences, the delay is considerably longer.) 

Our clearinghouse abstracts papers on assessment, evaluation, research methods and learning theory and the educationally relevant articles appearing in over thirty professional journals.

Again, this database only contains relatively recent abstracts prepared by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. If you want to search the ERIC data database, we encourage you to try the Search ERIC Wizard or our free-text search engine.

Because these are ERIC citations in progress, the papers and reports are generally not available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service and they are not available from us. Please do not ask us to help you locate the author.  Journal articles not in your local library can be ordered though interlibrary loan or perhaps CARL (http://www.carl.org/).

Comments? Please send your e-mail to feedback3@ericae.net.


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We use the Webscript search engine. You can use either sets (preferred) or boolean logic (or, and ) to construct your query. With sets, put parentheses around each set and commas between terms. Space is an implied AND. For example, ("self concept","self esteem") college will find references to ("self concept" OR "self esteem") AND college. Phrases must be in quotes or separated by hyphens. For best results, limit your phrases to two words. You can enter an author's last name.

The results are mapped by relevance and you can Query by Example (Push the Find Similar link to search and explore).

This search engine is a volunteer service of the staff at the Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. We do not receive funds for mounting the ERIC database. Most programming has been done at night and on weekends.

The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation is a project of the National Library of Education, US Department of Education directed by the Department of Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation at the University of Maryland in College Park. 

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