Law Degree

Getting a law degree is no easy task; all the terrible things you’ve heard are probably true, at least to some extent.  The rewards of getting a degree in law may be great, but first you have to make it through a lot of years of seriously hard work.  If you’re up to the challenge, great!  If you think you might not be up to the challenge now, don’t waste your time; if you don’t attack with a 115% CAN-DO attitude, you might not even make it through the first semester.  Too many people try to get a law degree for reasons of prestige or reasons of fitting in with their families, not realizing what it is exactly that they’re actually getting themselves into.

Although to be admitted to a law program in the United States you must have already completed a bachelor’s degree, many people make the mistake of thinking that since they made it through four years of college, they can make it through three years of law school with the same ease.  Those people are dead wrong.  Getting a law degree is nothing like getting a bachelor’s degree.  Many law classrooms are run more like courts than like classrooms.  What this means is that every student is considered basically stupid until they’ve stood up (literally) and proven that that is not the case.

Professors in law school are not your average professors.  These professors do not at all behave like teachers in a classroom; they behave like lawyers in a court, trying to prove that each and every one of the students in the room did not do the required reading thoroughly enough.  They are ruthless, but this is, indeed, part of the allure of getting a law degree. 

If you just read what is written here and got even more excited about completing a law degree, march on, my friend.  If these words spur you onward instead of scaring you, you have exactly what it takes to make it successfully through law school and become an excellent lawyer.

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