Online Psychology Degree

You may find yourself sitting at home, watching Dr. Phil and thinking, “That is what I’d like to do with my life.”  Many people find helping others through emotional times very rewarding.  But, in order to be a therapist or a counselor, you will need a degree.  You can earn an online psychology degree to help you on your way to your career goals.

Why should you choose to earn an online degree versus attending classes in person?   There are many good reasons!  By studying online in your spare time, you can still work full time.  This is especially important if you are married with a family.  You can still seek out your dreams while still being able to provide for your family.   You also spend less time away from them.  If you have to drive to classes then drive back, you lose valuable time that can be saved simply by sitting down at your computer.  Plus, you can earn an online psychology degree at your own pace and schedule.  It may take you slightly longer than actually attending classes but many adults find online classes a better fit for their schedule.

You can earn a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or even a doctorate degree in psychology online.  Areas that may interest you as far as online psychology degrees include general psychology, school psychology, mental health counseling, general program (Master’s level), industrial psychology, organizational psychology, and clinical psychology.  Earning a doctorate in clinical psychology will prepare you to work as a licensed psychologist in a health care setting, such as hospital, school, mental health center, or even your own practice.  This will allow you to help promote mental well being, possibly even helping prevent psychological difficulties through therapy and counseling.

If you choose to earn an online psychology degree, you will learn all the training needed to start helping others.