Online Degree Programs

You do not need to leave work to get an education; online degree programs will help you earn a degree quickly and in your spare time. Online degree programs have altered the landscape of higher education, and now students can earn degrees in law, nursing, arts and sciences without leaving their living rooms. Diplomas earned through online degree programs are identical to those which can be obtained on campus, and the course work is identical to that of traditional courses. One major difference between online degree programs and conventional courses is that there is more of an emphasis on writing rather than test-taking, because examinations cannot be proctored. However, some online degree programs require students to come to a campus to take exams. Then again, many courses can be completed, in their entirety, at home.

Online degree programs run the gamut from arts to sciences, from very practical degrees to PhDs. Lectures can be downloaded from the course’s website, and students can connect through chat groups or e-mails. Instructors are available by phone, fax or e-mail and can answer questions during “office hours.” Homework assignments and papers are turned in via e-mail or fax, and can be corrected and returned to the students. There are few aspects of learning that cannot be done online. However, online degree programs which include a practical component, such as culinary arts or automotive repair, might require students to come to a campus occasionally for a practical exam. However, the majority of “homework” and lectures can be completed at home.

Some students might be concerned about the quality of social life that the will have pursuing an online degree program. However, many students have regular contact with classmates online and through the phone, and people often develop lasting friendships through these modes of communication. In fact, technology has more ways of bringing people together than conventional learning opportunities, and getting to know other students online can be a great way of sharing ideas.