Distance Learning Associate Degree

Earning a distance learning associate degree can be a very exciting prospect but how can you be sure that you are a suitable candidate for distance learning? Those who ultimately are successful at the distance method of learning share certain traits in common. For example, while distance learning allows for freedom and independence it also requires that students be excellent self-motivators. Those who study by way of the Internet need to be able to keep themselves on target with their work. There is no instructor looking over your shoulder with cyberspace education so students must be efficient at setting their own study schedule and sticking with it as well as setting their own goals for their courses and keeping their motivation up for their studies.

Procrastination does not bode well for an individual studying for a distance learning associate degree. The beauty of distance learning is that you are working on your own timetable and not someone else’s. You can take as long as you need to complete your distance learning associate degree however procrastinating can result in adding extra weeks or months to your education. If you are not prone to procrastination then obtaining a distance learning associate degree just might be right for you.

Excellent reading comprehension skills go hand in hand with mastering distance education. In a traditional classroom setting, there is an instructor who gives a lecture while the students in the classroom take notes. There is also room for clarification of the lectures if a student finds him or herself confused or misunderstanding what the teacher is saying. Sometimes there are also visual aids such as diagrams, films and so on that aid students in comprehending the material. This is less likely to be the case with classes for a distance learning associate degree. Most of the time a student working towards a distance learning associate degree must learn from written text and that’s it. In some incidences there are audio clips or video recordings available but most of the time it is written material from textbooks. If you can easily learn without the guidance or input of an instructor than a distance learning associate degree might be something you should consider pursuing.

There are plenty of distractions in life and this tends to be more of a problem for a person who is learning at home as opposed to a person who learns in a classroom setting. If you wish to earn a distance learning associate degree you must be able to filter out distractions in your immediate environment and get on with the work and studying at hand. Distractions will never completely go away so instead you must get used to them. Some people admit to the opposite- they have a difficult time concentrating and working when their environment is too quiet.

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