College Degree Online

Getting a college degree online is a fairly recent innovation in the world of higher education, and though it is becoming more usual and more easily done as technology becomes better and better able to handle distance education, the fact of self-motivation is still the number one problem when it comes to completing a college degree online.

Virtually all universities are now offering online courses, and some are offering an entire degree to be earned online.  This seems to be a step up from the so-called ‘online universities’ that only exist in cyberworld.  Most people are much more comfortable getting a college degree online when it is coming from a university that physically exists and has existed for some number of years.  These universities are accredited and have years of experience in designing degree programs and setting up requirements and standards.  For such universities, the fact of doing the degree online lies only in getting the technology right to be able to actually do it; for online universities, virtually everything is new, not only the technology, but also the curriculum.

Though online degrees are becoming more common and are gaining prestige, they still remain hard to actually get.  Most students who have successfully made it through this process cite the number one difficulty as managing their time to make themselves get through the work.  While college students on a college campus frequently decide to not go to that 8 AM class meeting, they are still physically near the action, and always somehow seem to make it to the 8 AM exams.  This is not the case for students completing a college degree online.  These students frequently just stop doing the work at some point in the middle of the semester because other things have come up, whether it be work or personal complications.  Not being physically on a college campus and never having spoken with the professor face to face somehow makes the dropout rate extremely high.

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