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Swimming Lessons

Just for the sake of safety, it is a good idea that everyone takes swimming lessons once in his or her life, but safety is not the only reason to take swimming lessons, of course. Swimming is a very effective and safe form of exercise which improves flexibility, strength and lung capacity. Many children are giving swimming lessons as a part of their school gym class, and others continue taking swimming lessons in the summertime throughout childhood and into adulthood. Swimming lessons are a good idea for both young and old and many local community centers offer swimming lessons.

Children can take swimming lessons as toddlers where they are taken to wading pools and learn to enjoy immersing and playing games in water. Children are then taught the dog paddle in the shallow end, which is mastered before learning the major strokes. A child then learns to hold his or her head under water and to hold his breath. This aspect of swimming lessons can be the most daunting for a child and for parents, since most children are afraid to put their heads under water. Children should be discouraged from playing games that involve holding their breath under water for a long period of time and should be supervised vigilantly while they are in the water.

Once children have mastered the dog paddle and breathing, they can learn the basic strokes and how to swim in lanes. Freestyle or the Australian crawl is the stroke uses as the foundation of the others and is usually the easiest to learn. Many kids enjoy backstroke, especially since they can keep their face out of the water. Children also like the breast stroke because of the frog kick and entire swimming lessons can be devoted to learning different varieties of kicks. Butterfly is a rather advanced stroke and many kids are not able to master this stroke until they have had swimming lessons for a long time.

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