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Writing Lesson Plans

A writing and composition class can be difficult for many students, but teachers can make it easier by creating fun writing lesson plans that challenge the students. Keeping a journal is a good way for students to get involved in writing. Writing journal assignments is less demanding than most of the writing they will do, because the students will be able to choose their own topics. Students will be more excited about writing if they’re allowed to write about subjects that mean more to them. The journals will give students a greater appreciation for their ability to express themselves through writing. It may even be helpful to collect the journals and correct any grammatical errors, so students will learn to write well in every situation and for every audience.

It’s a good idea to include the teaching of the basic grammar and writing techniques to your class, when developing your writing lesson plans. The writing experience of the students should not matter; it is always best to go over the basics of writing in your writing lesson plans. Teaching the basic writing techniques is an effective way to ensure that all of your students have the same knowledge of the writing techniques. Writing assignments should be adequately spaced and teachers should not move too fast from one assignment to the next. It is more helpful to give the students ample between assignments to rest their creative minds. Students writing abilities may also improve if they’re allowed to edit and rewrite any sub par writing assignments.

Another effective idea to include in your writing lesson plans, is giving the students the chance to write a paper as a group. Students should be split into groups and each group should have a different subject to write on. It’s a great way to combine the weakness and strengths of certain students, which may create a better paper, and will give students the chance to help each other improve. However, teachers should make sure that one student is not stuck with all of the work, it may be more effective to allow the groups to only work on the paper in class. Students will learn better and write better if your writing lesson plans have interesting subjects combined with fun activities.

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