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Elementary Art Lessons

Elementary school kids love their art lessons. Art class gives them a chance to be creative in a way that is a little less structured than their regular classes, and the chance to make a mess without getting into trouble! Take advantage of these kids’ enthusiasm and make your elementary art lessons lots of fun for students and teacher alike.

Collages are a standard favorite for elementary art lessons. Encourage your students to bring in old magazines, newspapers, and picture books from home to make sure your have a wide selection of material available. In this digital age where families have the ability to print photos several times right at their fingertips, students may also even bring in photos from home for their classmates to cut up and use in collages. Keep your elementary art lessons focused by giving the class a theme to create their collage around.

Expose your students to the giants of the art world through your elementary art lessons. Teach them about the lives and styles of famous artists, and then assign the class the task of creating some art in that style. Even your youngest students will have fun trying to recreate Jackson Pollock paintings! For your older students, this technique will help them begin to appreciate art in a whole new way.

Seasonal themes are always fun additions to your elementary art lessons. Have you class create different season specific projects, using as many different mediums as possible. They can even create holiday gifts for their families. For a fun alternative to drawings and paintings, consider sculptures, wreaths, or even making jewelry.

Encourage your classes to open up and express their creativity freely with your elementary art lessons. It will serve them well beyond the elementary school gates!

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