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Drum Lessons

Give any child a drum and they will instantly know what to do. Drums are meant to be hit, and children love to hit things and make loud noises. Bongo drum lessons are an easy way to introduce young children to the world of drumming, rhythm and music. If you dont have a large supply of real bongo drums at your disposal, stand-ins can easily be made from coffee cans or oatmeal cereal containers. Nothing beats the sound and feel of a real bongo drum though, so having a few authentic ones available for the students to touch and experiment with is an added bonus.

The premise of early bongo drum lessons with young children is simple and very basic. The goal is listening for cues, hearing patterns and feeling rhythm and beat. Ideally, each child has their own drum. Begin with a simple repeat and answer pattern. You hit the drum two times, they repeat. Gradually add to the complexity of the patterns, so they must listen intently. Add some simple rhythms, such as 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1, with a strong emphasis on the 1.

Play with hitting different numbers harder, and have them count along with you. After this first round of drum lessons, move on to having them become a part of a drum band. Explain that in any band there are cues that tell the players when to come in. Do a simple cue, such as 2 strong hits to the drum. When they hear you do that, they are to come in with either their own 2 strong hits, or another rhythm you decide on together. Then you play some different rhythms on your drum while they listen intently for their cue. When they hear it, they do their part. They can also have a cue for being silent. They can play their drums all they want, but when they hear the silent cue, they stop instantly. These simple drum lessons are a great way to get children focused on rhythm, patterns and cues.

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