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Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is one of those basic skills that every parent wants their child to do. Swimming lessons are often one of the first structured activities children become involved with. Swimming lessons are usually offered for babies as young as 6 months old, and even adults can take swimming lessons to learn proper stroke technique or to learn to swim for the first time. Classes are usually offered at public pools and private health clubs. You can also find private instructors if you are looking for a more specialized experience.

For non-independent swimmers under the age of 3, parents are usually required to attend the swimming lessons in the water with their child. This helps your child to feel more comfortable and allows the instructor to work with more children at once. Early classes focus on basic water adjustment such as blowing bubbles, putting faces in the water and being comfortable with water being put on their heads. There is usually plenty of singing and games to make these first classes fun and light. The goal is to help the children get over any fears they might have of the water, and get more comfortable going underwater.

After the age of 3, most children attend their swimming lessons independently, even if they cant swim yet. Many pools have kiddie pools, or utilize flotation devices for non-swimmers. The swimming lessons will advance to include kicking, floating on backs, jumping off the side of the pool, and diving underwater for various objects. Often the use of various tools are included to add variety and interest to the class, such as noodles or kickboards. Eventually, as students become more confident swimmers, the swimming lessons will focus on specific strokes and side-breathing. It is never too early to start or too late to take swimming lessons!

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