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English Lessons

Most of us remember a great book we read sometime during our school years. Even just one good book can have a great impact on our lives. However, student literary likes and dislikes can vary greatly. Thats why it is very important when teachers are planning their English lessons that they make sure to include a variety of genres. Choosing works from all different genres will ensure that your students will hopefully connect with at least one book or story during their time in your class. Most students are not even aware that there are a plethora of genres to choose from, and introducing as many as you can in your English lessons is a great benefit to them as readers.

Most students think of straight fiction when they think of literature; This includes contemporary realistic fiction as one of the most common genres. However, underneath the heading of fiction, there is science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy. Introducing a play or two also gives your students exposure to drama, another form of a fictional genre.

Aside from longer works of fiction, there are many genres that lend themselves to quicker reads. Poetry, folktales, fables, myths and legends are often very enjoyable for your students to read, and can fit easily into your English lesson plans without taking up weeks at a time.

Of course we cant forget about the broad genre of non-fiction. Again there are many subcategories that can be explored in your English lesson plans. Biographies, personal essays, and history all fit well here. Dont forget about the newspaper and magazines as a way to have your students experience real non-fiction reading. Humor is often another overlooked category that can fall into this genre, and is much enjoyed by young readers. If you are sure to include selections from many of the above genres in your English lesson plans, you just might be leading your students on a journey to their new favorite book!

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