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Art Lessons

We all took art lessons as children but, unless we are professional artists or have an enduring hobby, most of us stop taking art lessons when we grow up. This is a mistake for many, especially those who like to express their emotions through visual art. Although many people feel harried and that they don’t have time for creative pursuits, taking children to art lessons can awaken one’s own creativity and love of beauty.

Art lessons are given at school, particularly in elementary grades as part of the regular school curriculums. Many after school programs for children are also devoted to arts and crafts. Art lessons are also available for adults and teenagers at community centers or night schools. These classes cover almost every genre of art and if you can’t find art lessons for a particular kind of craft in your area, it might be worth attending a seminar or to try courses available through video downloads.

Art lessons for children often focus on arts and crafts related to seasons or holidays. In October, making masks and pumpkins are popular projects. Some art lessons incorporate art appreciation with art lessons. For instance, many teachers take children to the art museum and ask them to imitate what they see on paper. Through the paintings of George Seurat, you can show your children how to make pictures out of dots or to paint ceramics after viewing displays of Greek vases.

Some kids enjoy art lessons that teach a particular skill that can be used over and over. Many teachers take children on an outing to pick flowers and leaves and show them methods of flower pressing, including ironing the petals in wax paper or creating items such as bookmarks out of pressed flowers. Other art lessons teach candle making  and children are encouraged to pour colored wax into layers molds to design their own candles.

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