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Singing Lessons

Almost everyone likes to sing, and there are some who want to take singing lessons to improve their voice because they have aspirations to become performers or because they simply enjoy singing. Most children have singing lessons in their school music class and have been introduce to various songs and musical styles. However, singing lessons teach the true technique of singing, which is now powered through the vocal chords primarily, but involves the skill of controlling the way air flows through the vocal cords. Singing lessons often begin with breathing lessons, as the singer is taught to breathe through his or her diaphragm rather than from the chest.

After the prospective singer is taught how to breathe properly, singing lessons often involve vocal exercises using certain vowels such as “Ah” or “Oh.” The best singers spend a good deal of time developing their voices with such excercizes and a good portion of singing lessons should be devoted to these drills. Some exercises improve voice flexibility, develop the ability to sustain notes for a long time or to crescendo or decrescendo. Through singing lessons, a singer can work through trouble spots, including the “break” the separates the head voice from the chest voice.

Singing lessons can also develop the singers sense of style and performance. Some singing lessons are more suited for classical singers whereas other prospective performers learn jazz technique and improvisation as well as rock styles. Singing lessons may be geared toward a certain style of music, or a student may want to experiment with different styles. Singing lessons can also teach the performer how to deal with nervousness which can also adversely affect the voice. Through singing lessons, a performer can work on a favorite song or build a repertoire and can rely on an experienced instructor to provide feedback. This will help the singer to build confidence before a performance.

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