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Photography Lessons

Photography is an art form that is rapidly changing these days, due to technological advances with digital cameras and home printers that produce photo quality prints. These advances have opened up the world of photography to many new people, and there is great interest among many amateurs in taking photography lessons. Try these project ideas to keep your class interested.

If you want to move the students in your class beyond “point and shoot” and shots of family and friends lined up in a row, include projects in your photography lessons that will help them expand their horizons. Consider giving the students the task of taking candid photographs of strangers in a crowded place, like a city street or mall. Another lesson might focus on a series of photos of one, single inanimate object. Yet another photography lesson could require students to take a series of picture of a living, non-human object. Other ideas for pushing student to think outside the box and work on different techniques include action shots, experimenting with light and shadow, and attempting to recreate famous photographs.

Even though so much photography these days is digital, that doesn’t mean people should neglect the old standard film methods. There is much to learn by photographing in this style, so concentrate some of your photography lessons on different speeds of film, film developing, flashes, and so on. If you are going to work with standard film as well as digital, include lessons on working with black and white film and real life experimentation of films of different speeds.

Keep your students interested and inspired in the photography lessons by staging periodic shows displaying their work for family and friends. Of course, have your students take photographs at these events!

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