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Phonics Lessons

Planning phonics lessons can sometimes be a daunting task. There are so many different sounds and letters for the children to learn, its hard to know where to begin. Fortunately, there are some easy additions you can make to your phonics lessons that will make them enjoyable for your students. By adding a multi-sensory component to each lesson, you will engage your students various learning styles, and give them some fun activities to boot! These components add either a kinesthetic, auditory or visual approach to learning. By providing your students these different modalities of learning, you will increase the speed at which they master the phonics material.

Its very simple to add different multi-sensory components to your phonics lessons. To engage a kinesthetic learner, you can add body movements for each letter sound to be learned, or use a specific hand motion for each letter. Try using playdough to shape the letter being learned, or use your arm in big sweeping arm movements to trace the outline of the letter. You can also use sand or paint trays to trace the letter shape over and over again.

Visual learners can benefit from having a key picture that matches each letter, such as an apple for the letter A or a snake for the letter S. Sorting letter tiles by special features such as tails, circles, or lines is another way to engage the visual modality. Children also enjoy looking at different fonts and sorting the letters they find that way.

Auditory learners will engage in their phonics lessons through sound. Having a song or a poem that match each letter is a great idea. Use alliteration, so they can hear the letter sound repeated, such as Bubba Bear buries his blackberries in a bucket. For each of your phonics lessons, try to incorporate as many different modalities as possible. You'll see an incredible amount of learning take place with these techniquesif learning is fun, it sticks better.

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