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Journals abstracted by ERIC/AE


American Educational Research Journal

Applied Measurement in Education

Applied Psychological Measurement


Canadian Journal of Education

Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation

Cognitive Psychology

Contemporary Educational Psychology

Education Policy Analysis Archives

Educational and Psychological Measurement

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice

Educational Research Quarterly

Evaluation and Program Planning

Evaluation Practice

Evaluation Review


International Journal of Educational Research

Journal of Educational and Behavioral Research

Journal of Educational Measurement

Journal of Educational Psychology

Journal of Educational Statistics

Journal of Experimental Education

Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education

Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Learning and Instruction

Multivariate Behavioral Research

New Directions for Program Evaluation

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Testing Bulletin

Psychology Review


Review of Educational Research

Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

School Psychology Review

Structural Equation Modeling

Studies in Educational Evaluation

Degree Articles

School Articles

Lesson Plans

Learning Articles

Education Articles


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