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Meta Analysis in Educational Research - An Overview

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Please provide a definition, explanations, and examples of the application of meta analysis to educational research. What critiques of the method exist?

By what statistical methods can meta analyses be accomplished?

What software exists to support meta analytic data analysis?

Table of Contents

Definition & Introduction

The methodology of research synthesis according to principles of quantitative data analysis was advanced greatly when Gene V Glass introduced meta-analysis in 1976. Glass offered the definition, Meta-analysis refers to the analysis of analyses...the statistical analysis of a large collection of analysis results from individual studies for the purpose of integrating the findings. (Glass, 1976, p. 3)

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Meta-Analysis in Educational Research [1991] - Robert L. Bangert-Drowns & Lawrence M. Rudner
The Case for Validity Generalization [1991] - Fred Rafilson
Meta-Analysis Research on Science Instruction [1985] - Patricia E. Blosser

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Selected ERIC Documents Citations for the Methodology of Meta Analysis
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	Cook, T. (Ed.). (1992). Meta-analysis for explanation: a casebook.
New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

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Online Reports [full-text]

Meta-Analysis at 25 [1999] - Gene V Glass [Conference Address]

Meta-Analysis: Methods of Accumulating Results Across Research Domains [1998] - Larry C. Lyons [Online Book]

Meta-Analysis Gaining Status In Science And Policymaking [1997] -Stephen P. Hoffert [Journal Article; from The Scientist, Vol. 11, n.18, p. 1,5]

In Praise of Failure: Failed Meta-analysis [1996] - Bandolier Publishers [Editorial policy statement]

Software for Meta Analysis
[Online advertisements &/or descriptions, of which their presence here does not equate with our endorsement.]

Meta-Analysis Software [comparative software review from British Medical Journal, 1998]

Kismet Analytic Corporation - Metadata Analysis Tools

MetaStat Software Package [NOTE: Read the metastat.txt file; for a demo copy, download the metastat.zip file.]


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Created: February 5, 1998
Last Revised: July 22, 1999

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