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Block Scheduling - Its Manifestations and Effectiveness

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Can you provide models of school schedules that employ block scheduling?

Do students in block schedule academic programs learn course content more effectively?

How do teachers and administrators prepare to implement block scheduling?

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Block scheduling has received increased attention in recent years as an important scheduling option to support school reform efforts. As a time management strategy, block scheduling allegedly opens up possibilities for many desirable instructional arrangements, including, but not limited to, reduced student/teacher ratios, flexible groupings, and performance based assessment.

Despite the vigorousness of the recent renewed interest in and implementations of block scheduling, there remains little hard evidence to prove or disprove its effectiveness as a superior school schedule to increase academic achievement. Our patrons who wish to review extant evidence are advised to be especially attentive to those ERIC citations below that are classified as either "Research Report" or "Evaluative Report" in the "Document Type" field.

Commentary by Liselle Drake, Reference Librarian, ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment & Evaluation

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Block Scheduling [1996] - by Karen Irmsher

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N.B. Major bibliographic resources may have been cited in the bibliography of ERIC documents, above.
Adams, Don C. Leadership and the Change Process in Relation to Block
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	and Curriculum Development, 1997.

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Block Scheduling [http://carei.coled.umn.edu/bsmain.htm] - by the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement, University of Minnesota
This very thorough site provides links to full-text research reports and multiple sources of FAQs regarding practitioners' management of block scheduling.

Effects on Students of a 4 X 4 Junior High School Block Scheduling Program.[1999] [http://olam.ed.asu.edu/epaa/v7n3.html]- by R. Brian Cobb, Stacey Abate, and Dennis Baker
available as
Education Policy Analysis Archives, v7, n3.

Yahoo's Index of Internet Sites for Block Scheduling [http://dir.yahoo.com/Education/Theory_and_Methods/Block_Scheduling/]

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Publication Notes:
Created: June 4, 1997
Last Revised: April 9, 1999

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