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The following organizations provide testing services for home school students:

Bayside School Services
PO Box 250
Kill Devil Hills NC  27948
telephone:  1-800-723-3057

Homeschooling parents who are also suppliers of the California
Achievement Test (CAT) and the Terra Nova. Please be advised that
the Terra Nova has been designed to reflect the standards-based
education that is currently being taught in our public schools.
Parental certification is not necessary to purchase either test.

Bob Jones University Press
Testing and Evaluation Service
Greenville SC  29614
telephone:  1-800-845-5731

Supplier of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and the 
Stanford Achievement Test (SAT).

Christian Liberty Academy
502 West Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights IL  60004
telephone: 1-847-259-8736

Supplier of the California Achievement Test (CAT) - 1970
version. Parental certification not necessary.

Thurber's Educational Assessments
400 Clayton Road
Chapel Hill NC  27514
telephone:  1-919-967-5782]

Supplier of the California Achievement Test (CAT).
Parental certification not necessary.
Group rates are available.

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