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Instructions for Using the ERIC Test Locator

The ERIC Test Locator [http://ericae.net/testcol.htm], a collaborative
project of the Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (ERIC/AE)
and the Educational Testing Service (ETS), is an Internet-accessible
database to locate descriptions of tests, citations to scholarly
reviews of tests, and publisher contact information.
To search the database for descriptions of tests, enter keywords 
from the title or descriptors.  For example, if you would like to 
search for tests on oral language proficiency, you could type in all 
three words, or "oral" and "proficiency" only. If you know the title
of the test, then the best way to search is to use the main words in
the title, but not necessarily all of the words in the title.
For example, if you were looking for the Wechsler Intelligence Scale
for Children-Revised, the most efficent way to search would be with
the words "Wechsler", "intelligence", and "children".

Should you wish to procure any of the tests that you find, then
please contact the publisher(s) directly at the address indicated
in the "Contact Information" field; or, consult the journal article
cited there.  For publisher telephone numbers, check the
Test Publisher Directory.  You also may wish to visit the
clearinghouse's index of Test Publishers Online.

Should you not be successful in contacting the publisher
indicated in the "Contact Information" field, then contact the
Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection Library and refer
to the "Document Identifier" (TCxxxxxx) indicated in the test record
for possible procurement. The telephone number for the ETS Test 
Collection Library is:  (609)-734-5689.  Currently, measures
procured from the ETS Tests in Microfiche collection cost
$11.00 each, plus $3.00 shipping and handling.

Should you wish to identify scholarly reviews of any tests, then
check the Test Review Locator for reviews cited in Buros' Mental
Measurements Yearbook or Tests in Print or ProEd's Test Critiques.
Please be forewarned that the citations presented there are to the
print resources; the cited test reviews are not available online.

You may also check the ERIC documents database for research reports pertaining to tests' validity and reliability. To access the ERIC documents database via the World Wide Web, point your WWW browser to the ERIC Search Wizard as a useful starting point. Go to Instructions for ERIC Documents Access when you are ready to access/procure the ERIC documents and journals identified by your search.

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