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The Lollipop Test - A Diagnostic Test of School Readiness

Test Name: The Lollipop Test - A Diagnostic Test of School Readiness
Publisher: Humanics Pub. Group
Publication Date: 1981
Test Type: Developmental
Content: Other
Language: English
Target Population: Native Speaker of English
Grade Level: PK,K
Administration Time: Untimed/No Guideline
Standardized: Yes
Purpose: Diagnosis; Identification; Language Dominance

The Lollipop Test is an individually-administered screening test of school readiness that contains four sections: 1) Identification of Colors and Shapes, and Copying Shapes, 2) Picture Description, Position, and Spatial Recognition, 3) Identification of Numbers, and Counting, and 4) Identification of Letters, and Writing. The test is administered at the beginning and/or end of kindergarten or first grade and uses a set of stimulus cards and a response sheet on which the interviewer records responses and the child draws shapes for the "copying shapes" section. The response sheet can be used twice (as a pre- and post-test) if desired. Scores may be used to identify children who need extra reading readiness activities and children who may need additional testing. They may also help schools to shape instructional objectives and determine the effectiveness of instruction in individual cases. Further information on test norms and interpretation is available in the Developmental and Interpretive Manual for the Lollipop Test, which is not part of the EAC East collection.

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