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Lista de Destrezas en Desarrollo

Test Name: Lista de Destrezas en Desarrollo
Publisher: CTB/McGraw Hill
Publication Date: 1992
Test Type: Developmental
Content: Comprehensive Academic Areas
Language: Spanish
Target Population: Native Speaker of Spanish
Grade Level: P, K, 1
Administration Time: Untimed/guidelines
Standardized: Yes
Purpose: Proficiency; Progress

Lista de Destrezas en Desarrollo is a test of developmental skills for young, Spanish-speaking children. It is administered individually and has subtests for Written Language, Mathematical Concepts, Logical Operations, Gross Motor Skills, Visual Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Auditory Skills, Language, and Memory. Except for the Written Language portion, subtest items are presented on a series of easel boards that show words, numbers, pictures, and puzzles. Examinees are asked to manipulate various small objects, discriminate between similar and dissimilar pictures, perform actions like jumping on one foot, name parts of the body and describe their functions, and remember series of pictures and their details. The Written Language subtest involves understanding information taken from a picture book, writing a message, writing one's name, and drawing a person. Scoring for this portion of the test is done using a 5-point scale for the written message and by placing the drawing into one of seven categories according to which category of pictures provided in the scoring materials it most resembles. Other subtests are scored using a norms book. A Home Inventory is completed by the parents to show which skills they have observed the child demonstrating and describing the child's normal activities. The Norms Book, Technical Report, and Administration and Scoring Manual contain additional valuable information about the test (like the appropriate age for examinees), but are not part of the EAC East collection.

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