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Junior Eysenck Personality Inventory

Test Name: Junior Eysenck Personality Inventory
Publisher: E.D.I.T.S.
Publication Date: 1963
Test Type: Attitude/Personality
Content: Other Neuroticism, Extraversion, Int
Language: Spanish
Target Population: Native Speaker of Spanish
Grade Level: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10
Administration Time: Untimed/no guideline
Standardized: Yes
Purpose: Diagnosis

The Junior Eysenck Personality Inventory (Junior EPI) was designed to measure two personality dimensions: emotional stability/instability (neuroticism) and extraversion/introversion. It is intended for use by educators who are trying to understand differences in performance in school and on intelligence tests between extraverted and introverted children, as well as by professional psychologists. Many test items were adapted or rewritten from the adult version of the EPI, and the test consists of 60 yes/no questions regarding feelings, dealings with other people, moodiness, social conventions, and the ability to sleep peacefully. Norms were established on 6,760 English school children and factor analysis was used to select those test items that contribute most to the two personality dimensions of interest. Norms for English and American children are available for comparison and are broken down by age, sex, and race. The EPI includes a "lie scale" which makes statistical corrections for deliberate misrepresentation by examiness. Test-retest reliability ranges from the .50s to the .80s and split-half reliability ranges from the .40s to the .80s. Cross-validation using psychiatric patients with diagnoses was not completed at the time the manual was published. The EPI has been translated into Spanish and norms for American children include a subset for use with Mexican-Americans. Scoring is done by computer.

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