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Basic Inventory of Natural Languages

Test Name: Basic Inventory of Natural Languages
Publisher: CHECpoint Systems, Inc.
Publication Date: 1986
Test Type: Language Proficiency
Content: Speaking/Listening in L2
Language: Mult. Lang. - See Ab
Target Population: Multiple Languages - See Abstract
Grade Level: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Administration Time: Untimed/Guidelines
Standardized: Yes
Purpose: District Evaluation; Language Dominance; Proficiency; Program Exit; Progress

The Basic Inventory of Natural Languages (BINL) is a measure of oral language proficiency in 32 languages for students in grades K-12. It can be used for placement and the determination of language dominance. Test-taking skills are unnecessary for the examinee, since oral language is elicited through the use of large photographic posters. These posters depict scenes from a variety of cultures which can be discussed without reference to cultural specifics. Testing is done individually and takes ten minutes. There are two scoring options: Counting the number of target language words per sentence or calculating a score for linguistic complexity based on a point system. The latter can be done on a computer program if desired. For each grade level, scores are classified as Non-Speaker, Limited-Speaker, Fluent-Speaker, and Proficient-Speaker. Claims of validity are based on theoretical arguments about the nature of language rather than on statistical research. Estimates of reliability are not part of the EAC East collection.

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