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University Degree

At some point in many peoples lives, they debate about enrolling in some type of post-secondary education program. Many people think about obtaining a university degree, but wonder if earning a degree is worth the money, time and effort it will take.

It is true it costs a great deal of money to pursue a university degree. However, a person with a four year bachelor degree is estimated to earn, over his or her lifetime, about $2 million dollars. A person, who enters the workforce with only a high school diploma or GED, will probably earn around $1 million dollars during the years they are in the world of work.

If a person were to go on and earn a masters degree, it is estimated he or she would make about $2.5 million dollars. Someone who has even further training, such as a doctor or lawyer, is estimated to make around $5 million dollars during his or her working career.

While money may be the primary incentive for a person to seek higher education, there are other benefits as well. People, who seek educational opportunities beyond high school, usually have more career opportunities than those with only a high school diploma or GED. Within the world of work, a person who has a university degree is usually viewed as having more knowledge and skills than a person without one. People who earn college or university degrees are also more frequently viewed as being motivated and disciplined, given the complexity involved in navigating an institution of higher education.

So, as students end their high school careers and are making critical decisions about their future, it is certainly worth comparing the long term results of earning a college or university degree versus ending their education with a high school diploma or GED.

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