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Technology Associates Degree

An associates degree is a degree which is earned after two years of study. A technology associates degree, is a degree which can encompass many different areas of study. Students, who obtain this type of degree, are able to pursue a variety of careers. Some students choose to use their two year technology associates degree as a stepping stone to a four year bachelor degree.

Some of the most common courses of study people chose to focus on while earning a technology associates degree are in the area of computers and computing. This is a growing field with many career opportunities available in computer programming, software development, networking and database management. Skilled graduates from a technology associates degree program also have the potential to earn a salary comparable to four year degree graduates in other career fields.

Mechanical and electrical technology may be another area of study a student chooses to pursue while seeking an associates degree. When a student studies mechanical and/or electrical technology at the associates level, he/she will usually learn about design, installation, operation, and maintenance of a wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment. The student will often learn about heating/ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, and water systems. Included in the curriculum is instruction to help the student develop the skills to install, operate and maintain mechanical and electrical systems for private homes and commercial industrial buildings. As with computer technology, skilled graduates from a mechanical and electrical technology program are highly sought after work both in the public and private sector. Many graduates from this two year program go on to four year degree programs in engineering or architecture.

Associates degrees in either computer technology or mechanical and electrical technology, offer students the potential to obtain work in a variety of settings. Graduates may choose to work for themselves or join a company. The employment outlook for both areas is very good across the United States.

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