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Online Paralegal Degree

A paralegal is a person who usually does research and investigates facts for attorneys and companies. They are sometimes called legal assistants. In the next 10 years, the number of employment opportunities for paralegals is expected to double, if not triple. The reason for this dramatic increase is because paralegals can help people with lower cost procedures such as uncontested divorces and wills. The increase in home foreclosure has also increased real estate attorneys demands for help managing their caseloads and hence a call for more paralegals.

The positive career outlook has many people seeking enrollment in an online paralegal degree program. Completion of an online paralegal degree program often takes less time than the pursuit of one through a vocational or community college. Upon completion of an online paralegal degree, it is estimated a person will begin earning between $11-20 an hour depending on the region and the persons previous experience.

Once a person becomes employed as a paralegal, they will find they have many diverse and important tasks to perform. A paralegal will collect information and data to help support a legal case. They may do their research in law libraries, on the computer, using legal books and by interviewing legal experts. Paralegals help organize the information and data they collect and may be asked to prepare it in a report, summary or chart. Under the guidance of an attorney, a paralegal may prepare and file court documents such as briefs and pleadings.

Depending on the setting, a paralegal may also contact witness, appraise property or answer simple legal questions. They may also prepare basic documents for uncontested divorces and wills. In some locations, paralegals may supervise other people as well. In other places, they may be the only person who researches and validates information for an employer. Regardless of the settings, paralegals are always busy people.

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