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Associate Degree Online

For most people, when they think of a college education, they picture earning a bachelor degree at a traditional college. However, you actually have more options than that to choose from. Depending on your career field, earning an associate degree online may work as well for you as earning a bachelor degree.

The associate degree online is generally advertised as a two year course, meaning that you will finish it in about half the time of a bachelor degree. With dedication, you can complete either an associate degree online or a bachelor degree online in less time. The associate degree online can be a good starting point for someone who is not sure the direction they want their degree to take. It can be a good source of general information, as well as a foundation to earning a bachelor degree later on if they choose.

Most students will earn an associate degree online in either the Arts or Applied Sciences. Even in these two subdivisions, there are numerous fields and schools to choose from. It will help to narrow down your search if you can narrow your study to at least a general interest area, since many programs become more specific the second year.

The best place to earn an associate degree online is through an accredited college. Many of the major universities now offer online associate degree programs. There are also some schools designed only for the distance learner, however, you will need to use caution to make sure that it is actually an accredited school. Some schools will run scams using fake credentials, leaving students with a worthless piece of paper and a hole in their bank accounts.

It is also helpful to research schools that specialize in the field you are most interested in. While many schools offer an associate degree online in one field or another, it will be a better investment of your time and resources to study at a school that specializes in your field. That way, if you choose to go and earn a bachelors or a Masters degree later on, you will have no problem transferring credits to your new program.

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