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Online Seminary Degrees

Online seminary degrees are part of the preparation a person goes through to become a clergy member. Many people choose to pursue online seminary degree programs, while working in another profession. This educational format allows them to continue earning an income as they transition into a new career.

Once people complete online seminary degrees and subsequent internships in the field they usually begin to seek careers as spiritual leaders. Given, the changing nature of religion and spirituality, many types employment are available to people with a seminary degree. Most people in the United States will seek position as Protestant ministers, Jewish rabbis or Catholic priests. However, an advanced job search will show positions exist for people to instruct religious and spiritual classes and to interpret religious and spiritual texts. This instruction may be within a church or temple setting, a private school or a college or university. Students may range from congregation members to university students to people simply seeking more information about a particular faith.

Clergy of all denominations often find work as ceremony officiants. Almost all faiths, require a spiritual leader to be present for ceremonies such as baptisms, funerals, weddings and other rituals which mark significant milestones in a believers life.

Some may be found working in the military as chaplains for soldiers and other personnel. Others work in hospitals, hospices and nursing homes tending to the sick, aged, disabled and/or dying. Earning a seminary degree may also lead a person to a job as a prison chaplain working with incarcerated men and women of all faiths.

Clergy also counsel individuals, couples and groups. They may work with people on individual problems, interpersonal concerns or crises of faith. Usually, this type of counseling is done in connection with a clergys affiliations with a religious organization. If a clergy goes into private practice as a counselor or therapist, they may need to seek further education in psychology.

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