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Masters Degree

After you finish your four year bachelors degree program, you may want to consider a masters degree program. A masters degree is normally about two to three years long, depending on your rate of study, and will allow you further education into your field. At one time it was enough to have a Bachelors degree, but now, if you wish to compete successfully in the work field, you will need to complete a masters degree.

Finding a Masters Degree Program:
As you complete your four year degree, you may be ready to make the choice of entering into further education. Some people wait until later to go to graduate school. The choice is really your own. However, you will want to take the time to find a program that is right for you and your needs. Many colleges offer masters degrees, but they may not be in your field of study. Check around and visit the campus to find out what they can offer you. Then you will want to make sure that the program is fully accredited before you enter.

Working Through Your Masters Degree:
Your school work at this point will be more advanced and focused than your Bachelors degree. For example, if you got a degree in English, then you took plenty of literature courses, but you also took grammar, math, science and foreign language. If you choose to get masters in English, then your studies will focus on your unique interests. It may focus more on womens literature or British literature, or perhaps you are more interested in the English language than the literature. This is what you will do when you complete your masters degree. When you have completed all of your study work, you will then take a final examination, which usually consists of a thesis (a research paper) and perhaps an oral examination.

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