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June - Thanks to http://www.edailynews.net, we now have a new general education newsfeed. Edailynews also offers specialized feeds for K-12, special education, vouchers, international education, and more.

April - The Buros Institute now has an excellent commercial test locator and test review search engine.

We often receive requests for lists of tests and instruments that are in the public domain. Although we don't have such a list, we have created a page with something close

While there are now hundred's of web sites offering No Child Left Behind resources. The authoritative site is, of course, the US Department of Education Web site. We recommend the Education Week Hot Topic Page on NCLB which contains numerous links to news articles web sites, and resources. It is frequently updated.

Let's Talk About Testing, compiled by the Educational Testing Service, has a wealth of easy-to-understand for parents, students, and teachers.

The Impact of High Stakes Tests on Student Academic Performance, from the Education Policy Studies Laboratory, Arizona State, assesses the effect of high-stakes tests and high school exit examinations on academic achievement by comparing NAEP results for states with and without high-stakes assessments..

Jan 15 - We have (painfully) upgraded our server. Response times should be noticeably faster.

Education Week has released its annual report on K-12 educational quality. This year, the focus is on teacher qualifications, working conditions, recruitment, and retention, particularly in high-poverty, high-minority, and low-achieving schools. State-by-state comparisons of student achievement (NAEP scores), standards and accountability, efforts to improve teacher quality, school climate, and school resources are also provided.

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