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National Education Association

members. This number is composed of public school teachers, university and college staff and faculty and other educational institutions' support staff. This association also has members who are retired educators and future educators in their care. The National Education Association, also known as the NEA, is basically a combination of a professional association as well as a labor union. This association's headquarters can be found in Washington, D.C. And has a 500 strong staff that oversees the needs of its members nationwide.

What does an educator get from the National Education Association and do educators really benefit from an NEA membership? The association's mission statement basically states that they are striving to unite all educators in the nation towards a common goal, which is to help prepare students for the challenges they will be facing in the real world. The association also takes part in resolving issues regarding working conditions as well as wages of its members which is a common practice that labor unions often face.

The National Education Association has volunteers that help out the staff members who are stationed across the nation to help fulfill the association's dream of giving the nation the kind of quality education every child needs in the public school system. This means that volunteers and association staffers alike strive to realize this goal by getting the educators and support staff who are in these schools the kind of compensation and working conditions that are conducive to the sustenance of quality education.

Aside from the local branches of the National Education Association doing their part in helping the educators in the area to get what they need, the state and national affiliates of the association also do their parts by lobbying for the improvement of educational policies and protecting the rights of their fellow educators.

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