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Elementary Education

If you have the patience, and an interest in teaching small children, then you could consider pursuing a career in elementary education. To teach elementary education, you will have to undergo some elementary education training by finding out which program best meets the elementary education training requirements of individual states.

Most states require that you have a Bachelor degree (BA) to teach in the public sector; however there are some vocational schools that offer transfer programs. It is possible to earn an Associate Degree before you actually earn additional credit hours in colleges or university.

The curriculum in most elementary education training programs include different levels of English Composition, Classroom Instruction, Special Education for children having special needs and child growth and development. The other courses that may be offered in the program include mathematics, science, physical education, history, etc.

On completion of the elementary education training program, you will be given a licensure as this is a requirement for public school teacher in all 50 states. However, if you wish to teach in the private sector, you may not need to have a Bachelors degree. Here you only need to get some elementary education training from a vocational school, and get a job in a private school with an Associates Degree.

And then if you really want to go forward in your elementary education career, you have to get more than the education offered in traditional and vocational schools. This is because many educational boards require professional certification like the National Certification Program where teachers find it easy to transfer from one state to another.

With your completed elementary education training in a trade school and Bachelors degree, you find it easy to get employment in preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle schools. The choice depends on your qualifications, grades in elementary education training and your interest.

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