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Medical Education

What is Medical Education and what does one learn from a course in Medical Education? When you talk about Medical education, you are basically talking about the studies that will eventually lead you to become a doctor or a physician. This course often begins with an undergraduate course that teaches the basics of medicine, like anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and other such studies. A Medical Education often consists of classroom and lab work that gets students to understand the basics of the human body.

After the undergraduate course comes the graduate studies where students are then educated in the different areas of medicine. Here is where medical education students determine which branch of medicine they may want to focus on or specialize in. Students may then choose to focus on internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and other branches of medicine. These different specializations are made to help a future doctor focus on the kind of practice he or she wants to have and to help patients get the kind of treatment that they need from these future doctors.

After the undergraduate and graduate studies, a future medical practitioner then needs to undergo a number of years as a resident or an intern in a hospital to help them qualify for a medical practice license or to become a qualified medical practitioner. This stage is dependent on the country where the person is studying.

Specializations may also be determined at this stage, depending on which part of the world the medical education is being learned. After this internship or residency, continuing education can be had depending on the type of medicine a doctor will be practicing. Specialized areas that often involve surgery may require a doctor to undergo a fellowship that may run for a few years. Board licensing or certification is then undertaken to make a doctor board certified.

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