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Art Education

Art education is a diverse field, and many people find fulfillment in the field of the arts. Learning to develop your artist knowledge and ability in some form is available in most public schools, but with the cutting of school budgets, it is one of the first fields to be threatened. This is particularly evident in elementary schools, which are called upon to primarily teach students basic academic skills.

On the elementary level, some schools are limited with the amount of art education they can provide, since most schools only have a music teacher. This music teacher stays extremely busy, with sessions all through the day and a short planning or conference period. While schools will tell you that they would love to offer more art choices, in most school districts there is simply not enough money budgeted to support having two or more artistic teachers.

Comprehensive art education is composed of pottery making, jewelry making, painting, sketching, history, writing and many other activities. It is almost impossible to create art classes on an elementary campus to teach these needed techniques and basic artistic knowledge. Sometimes, to meet this missing element, schools will have a traveling teacher visit several campuses a day to provide short instruction periods. While this may seem like only a bandage, it is a concerted effort to address the inadequacy of art education in elementary schools.

Without a doubt, most people recognize that art education is an important element of providing a well rounded educational experience. Some students are highly motivated by being allowed to express themselves artistically. Further, art education has also been shown to be helpful in developing the brain development necessary for students to excel in math and to acquire foreign languages. The arts will always be a necessary part of our educational system; and the struggle to provide it will continue to burden our already strained school budgets.

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