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Distance Education

For people around the world that cannot travel to the learning site, distance education is the best suited for them. This can also be true for instructors who cant get to the site.

With this method, instructors and students can communicate with the following options; printed materials, electronic media and the recently trendy technology advancements that can easily make distance education possible. Overall, distance education can be a good option for institutions and agencies to easily pass instruction with the use of other learning mediums.

Education courses of these types also have variants; one is internet communication to get instructions in real time, email correspondence, CD instructions, broadcasted courses, and the every trendy mobile device communication using a wireless server. Distance education does not require the student to be present in a classroom. But in many cases, they are traditionally situated in a classroom which is called the virtual learning environment. There is also a more specific computer education called online learning or e-learning.

The course is good for schools to expand the learning medium and make use of technology for learning. In some schools, CDs are supplied to the students for extended instruction on any course. Although this may be an option for schools, these methods are often used in places where there are only little or few students residing in a particular area or far-flung locations. As remote areas are likely to benefit more from this scheme, they can also be used in populated areas to ease the task of learning.

Since online examinations can be difficult to regulate, instructors can use additional programs and monitor the students during the test and reduce the possibility of help from other sources and the internet. Perhaps, the use of a webcam can solve the problem. With distance education, the supervising factor is compromised. Another solution to this problem is to hold examinations at a particular location to prevent fraud, giving professors more manageability.

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