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Christian Education

Obtaining a Christian education may not be inexpensive; but with determination and vision, individuals can accomplish their goal of getting a degree at a Christian school. Acquiring a college degree at a Christian university, or any other university for that matter, usually requires individuals to know several timesaving steps that will help in completing a degree.

1. Choose four-year college or university. A school that is focused on Christian education will often have some of the same requirements as a secular school. Request an undergraduate or graduate catalog in order to review the different degree offerings and required Bible courses.

2. Determine what your field of study will be. Gain a thorough understanding of what the requirements for that degree will be. If required,make an appointment with the chairperson of the department or with a faculty advisor. Ask questions for clarification in order to avoid any future misunderstandings.

3. Make an appointment with the college's registrar. A registrar is qualified to review all transcripts and approve college hours. Inform the registrar about what field of study that will be pursued as this will identify what college hours will count in the graduation plan

4. Contact the admissions office for the appropriate applications. If someone is a non-traditional student or a returning student, the re-entry undergraduate admission requirements may not be as stringent as for a first time college student.

5. Determine how to pay for a Christian education. There are scholarships, grants, work programs and loans available for students and families who will need help with paying for college. Most colleges will send financial aid papers based on the information that is completed in the admission processin particular the information included in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

After all the necessary steps are followed for entering college and you are officially enrolled, be sure to utilize all the study groups, advisers and other instructional helps that are offered. If problems seem overwhelming, get additional help. The support is in place for individuals to succeed.

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