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This section is a joint effort of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation and ParSystem - a computerized testing system. Special thanks go to Neil Sapper, NGSAPPER#064;pcad-ml.actx.edu, for editing these materials and preparing them for internet posting.

ERIC/AE is quite interested in this section as it contains essays by practitioners discussing solutions to real, practical problems and issues. While some of the essays are couched in terms of the ParSystems, we expect the essays to be of interest to a broad audience and the information to generalize beyond ParSystems. Inclusion of these materials does not imply an endorsement of the ParSystem - we at ERIC have never seen their products.

The essays in this section originally appeared in PUG KNOWS - the ParSYSTEM User's Group newsletter. Some of the essays have appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the T.H.E. Journal. In all cases, the journal has given reproduction rights to the author or the PUG KNOWS editor, and they, in turn have given us permission to post the material here.

ParSystems maintains an unmoderated discussion group, PAR-L which is open to all. You can subscribe by sending e-mail to LISTSERV#064;CCAT.SAS.UPENN.EDU. The body of the text should be
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PUG Knows Essays

All/None of the Above, Listserv thread (May 1995)
Coast Comm Coll Dist Class Roster Transfer System, Don Rueter
District-Wide Implementation of the ParSYSTEM, Walter A.
ELECTRONIC PUGging At Amarillo College, Neil Sapper
Essays v Multiple Choice, Marilla Svinicki and Bill Koch
Integrated Testing Automation, Irene Kovala
Item banking, Beverly T. Watkins
Learning Outcomes Assessment, John A. Willis
Merging Instruction and ParSYSTEM Technology, Lou M. Carey
Paper Saving Idea for ParSCORE Users, Ralph F. Lewis
ParSCORE TEST Form Transparency
ParSYSTEM Use at Duke Univ Sch of Medicine, Carol G. Reilly
Testing and Grades Management, Carol Elsensohn Lewis
Un-Focus on FOCUS, Roger Lurie
Using Microcomputers to Score Placement Tests, Shoemaker & St.
VPI Memos - Overview, Robert B. Frary
VPI Occ Paper: (Hard tests), Robert W. Bowman, Jr. & Robert B. Frary
VPI Occ Paper: Dectection of copying, Robert B. Frary
VPI Testing Memo 1: Guessing on MC Tests, Robert B. Frary
VPI Testing Memo 2: How difficult should a test be?, Robert B. Frary
VPI Testing Memo 3: Essay tests, Lawrence H. Cross
VPI Testing Memo 4: Constructing MC Tests Part 1, Jerard Kehoe
VPI Testing Memo 5: Constructing MC Tests Part 2, Jerard Kehoe
VPI Testing Memo 6: Averaging grades, Lawrence H. Cross
VPI Testing Memo 7: Assigning grades, Larry J. Weber
VPI Testing Memo 8: Reliability of test scores, Robert B. Frary
VPI Testing Memo 9: Missing assignments and tests, Robert B. Frary
VPI Testing Memo 10: Writing multiple choice items, Robert B. Frary
VPI Testing Memo 11: Absolute vs Relative Grading, Lawrence H. Cross

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